Why I Don’t Eat McDonalds Anymore….

I am embarrassed to tell you that—before I discovered that nourishing my body with food was important—I ate like a teenager with a lifetime supply of McDonald’s Quarter Pounders and fries. And I washed them down with a huge Coke. I was stressed to the max and busy with no time to take for myself and eating fast food was my only relief. At least that was I did to justify myself – I don’t have time to cook, I’d say. And I’m not a good cook either!  Besides, a couple of times a week with that juicy burger wasn’t too bad, was it?

When I began to feel rundown and resorted to spending days on the couch, I ran to various doctors who couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I was young, I was not overweight, but I felt terrible.

My wake-up call came by way of a a very high cholesterol diagnosis – like stroke-level high.  I was in danger and I instantly knew why – the horrible calories, fat and loads of sugar were to blame.

I was scared, and—let’s face it—mad about feeling like this for the rest of my life.

Something had to change…

I started by swapping out the Coke for water, and burgers for fruits, veggies and home cooked meals. I learned to cook and meal plan and get my act together!

Those two decisions made me feel better, but the real gift was the hope. If changing my diet just a little could make me feel so much better, what could a total diet overhaul do for me? (Answer: a lot as it turns out.)

But I didn’t stop with a diet overhaul. After I learned which foods nourished my body, I ditched toxic cleaning products and embraced natural skincare, too. Now I’ve started daily yoga and I’ve even added walking to my wellness routine.

Becoming healthier has totally transformed my life. But despite my vibrant health today, I still remember brain fog, low energy, and constant illness back in my Quarter Pounder days.

If you’ve felt the way I used to, I am SO excited to tell you that I think you’ll be able to change your life with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle.

In particular, it includes a ton of resources for getting started with real food, where you should start on your healthy living journey, and what you should stay away from.

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Plus, it’s like your own personal library on all topics like hormone balance, allergy-friendly & nourishing recipes, getting your gut and adrenals healthy, weight loss tips and tricks, growing your own food, and so much more, that you can reach for again and again.

Truthfully, it’s the resource I wish I would have had years ago when I was at my lowest point. It would have made a world of difference. (And at a 98% discount, it’s super affordable for anyone!)

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