Why I Became a Wellness Coach

In August of 2017, I made a huge decision.  I knew it was a decision that would change my life, but I had no idea it would change my life in such a dramatic and humbling way!

That summer I decided it was time to move to the next level of my career. Having been in the health and wellness field for 15 years, I wanted to learn a more effective way to help my clients make real, lasting changes with their health.  After some research into various programs, I decided on a certification program with the IAWP, International Association of Wellness Professionals.


My education was simply mind-blowing!  I made my own transformations during my studies and applied all I learned to myself. As a result I became even happier and healthier than I ever have been. And I knew I was eager to share those results with others.

One of the goals of my studies was to find my vision.  It came to me very easily: my vision for wellness coaching is to help others live happier and healthier lifestyles by committing to making real, lasting change.

This seems simple, but it is so much more!  Further studies helped me to hone in on my niche: my ideal clients. My niche became stressed-out Moms (and anyone for that matter!)  who want to effectively manage their time and reduce their stress, so they can live happier and healthier lives.  My specialty comes from my ability to listen to my clients and help them work through what causes their stress and how to manage it. I come from a place of personal experience and I feel that really helps me authentically connect with my clients to help them reach their wellness goals.  In this way, I can best help my clients by showing them I have been where they are, I have managed my stress and improved my health, and they can as well!

Here is My Story


When I was in my 30s, I had a very stressful corporate paralegal job. I loved the job, but the stress was really beginning to take its toll on me. At age 30, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after being sick for months.  It then took another 2-3 years for the doctors to regulate my medication and really get my symptoms under control.  During this time, I continued to be extremely stressed out on a regular basis, I was always sick and had no energy and I was very, very depressed.  I was overweight and couldn’t lose any weight.  I didn’t know how to cope.

I made a huge decision to change my life when I realized the physical and mental cost that the stress of my job was creating for me.  I decided to quit my paralegal job, take a half cut in pay and went to work for a chiropractor.  It was a hard decision, it was hard on my family’s checkbook, but in the end, I had to make a change to save my health and my mind.

About 2 years into my new job, I began to think long and hard about making it a career and I decided I wanted to be a massage therapist.  I soon enrolled in school and 11 months later, graduated and began my own business working from home. I learned to help others manage their stress with bodywork and I realized I was learning to manage mine as well.

Several years later, I went through a divorce.  While my divorce was amicable, I was still emotionally weakened, and stress took over again.  I moved into my own home and no longer wanted to work from home when I was single. For the next 3 years, I worked several jobs in salons and spas, still loving my career, but working much longer hours that I was used to.  I was constantly tired, frequently sick and sliding into depression.  I found myself cancelling clients just because I couldn’t bear to get out of bed.  I needed a change.

I began using meditation, yoga and essential oils to manage my stress and improve my mood.  It worked! Slowly but surely, I came out of the fog and started to feel better, mentally and physically.  Natural solutions became my way of life and I really began a turn around for the better.  My thyroid medications were finally working and I learned to incorporate natural medicine as well.

In 2015, I remarried and relocated to a new state. I was happier than I had been in a long time, but I was dealing with enormous changes.  I closed out my business in Indiana, moved to Illinois and began adjusting to a new life. I was also a new stepmom to 2 boys, one with special needs.  Life was great, but it was also new and, as a result, stressful.  I wanted to restart my business but was anxious about not knowing anyone and wondering where to start.

I was able to launch my massage business in February of 2016 and have had much success so far. But I also quickly learned again that managing my stress was crucial to the happiness of myself – and my family.  I delved deeper in the natural solutions I already knew and began to dig into how to better manage my time. I learned to incorporate self-care on a regular basis; daily yoga and meditation; better nutrition and healthy movement. I also learned to say no when I needed to and how to take time to recuperate when I needed it.

My experiences over the years have taught me how to manage all my moods and channel my energy to the positive. Combined with my 15 years of experience in the health and wellness field, I was uniquely prepared to take my career to the next level with IAWP.

During my wellness coaching sessions with my own coach (a great perk of studying with IAWP), I learned that I was essentially my own client.  Through these sessions, I focused on the best way to manage my time, take care of myself, learn to say no and ultimately manage my own stress. I was able to truly realize my story in a different way so that I could make the changes needed to make my life less stressful. This helped me to zero in on what my niche should be because my tried and true methods had worked.  I wanted to be able to share that experience with others who are where I once was.


Graduation was official on January 17, 2019 and I am EXCITED for the future!!!

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I am here to help!  Please reach out and let’s scheduled a Wellness Discovery Session and start crushing your goals!  Contact me today! 


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