My favorite and most popular bundle is back!


The 2019 edition of the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is HERE!

If you have grabbed a copy in prior years (which is definitely possible since it’s been around since 2012 with 88,000+ bundles sold), you’re going to want to know what’s new with this year’s bundle. And why you should totally grab yourself a copy.

Of course, if you already know you want a copy, ignore the rest of this email and just get thyself over to check it out here! 

But if you’ve never bought yourself a copy of the bundle, I am going to tell you exactly why you should make this year’s version your first!

Lots of my readers are struggling with chronic illness, sleep deficiencies, and hormone imbalances. So I was really excited to see that the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle has categories focused on those specific topics, PLUS brain and mental health too…which has been a passion of mine lately.

Imagine how your life would improve if you could learn how to…


  • create the perfect sleep environment and restore healthy sleep
  • gain increased energy & mental clarity by learning to heal your brain
  • gently ease your body into a balanced hormonal state with lifestyle changes
  • plus, so much more!

What I love most is that you get 91 resources you can refer to as you and your family make healthy baby steps so you can feel as well as possible. With a library of health resources this big and diverse, it can meet your needs when you run into a new health concern, or as you master one area and are ready to move on to the next.

When you buy the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle you’ll get access to:

    • 47 eBooks
    • 32 eCourses, audios & workshops
    • 10 printable packs & workbooks
    • 2 summits

Best of all, you can get it all for just $37.

I’ll be back over the next few days to tell you more details about this bundle sale, but for now…

Check out the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle right here! 


P.S. If you buy by midnight tomorrow, you can also get an extra bonus from Perfect Supplements – a $20 store credit to use on any of their high quality Perfect brand products.


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