How to Go From Stressed to Zen!

Today we wrap up the Stress Awareness Series with a great special offer to help you end the overwhelm by learning about meditation and healthy movement techniques, stress-busting foods and how to manage your stress with ease!

If you are stressed and overwhelmed, it’s time to get Zen.

Do you:

  • Feel like you’re on the verge of burnout…
  • Feel like you might completely lose it if your friend makes one more snarky comment….
  • Feel completely overwhelmed with everything on your To-Do list…..
  • Wonder if you’ll ever be able to get that much needed massage….
  • Worry your health will suffer if you don’t get your life in order…

What if you had a guide or roadmap to get through the rocky terrain of your life?

Stressed to Zen is a 10 day program that takes a holistic approach to the dilemmas that make you want to pull your hair out and hop on the next flight to Costa Rica. In just 10 days you’ll learn my top tips and strategies to manage stress, so you can feel like a million bucks….for the long haul.

I’m Kate Piscopo.  As a Certified Wellness Coach, I’m excited to help women like you take control of chronic stress with practical solutions. There was a time in my life when I was stressed to the max. I didn’t even know what self care was. I longed for a massive shift in mindset, but didn’t know where to turn for advice. That was until I came to the understanding that life didn’t have to be so damn difficult and downright depressing. I took control of my stress levels and renewed my connection to myself. Now I want to share how I did it with you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 11 bite-sized modules you can practice anytime, anywhere
  • Doable action steps to keep you on the right track
  • A productivity sheet you can use at work or home to get things done
  • A breathing exercise that you can do anytime
  • A list of 30 self-care activities you’ll love
  • A DIY food plan + grocery list to take the stress out of meal planning
  • Recommended stress-busting foods, teas and herbs
  • Ongoing Community support through an exclusive Facebook group where you can share ideas and ask questions

This special program is available for a limited time at a special price! You can purchase the toolkit by itself OR you can get the toolkit for free when you sign up for two power-packed personalized coaching sessions! 

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