Do You Have Fall Wellness Goals? Here are some of mine!

Fall is right around the corner and it is the perfect time to set some goals for your health and wellness.  My friends over at Ultimate Bundles have created a great little toolkit called the Five to Flourish Habit Tracker.  I am so excited to share this free kit with you and help you to reach some of those goals you have been really mean to set and reach!  Find out a little more and get the Habit Tracker here! 

I sat down and read through this little kit and made my own goals to tackle this September.  I wanted to take moment and share them with you!  Read on!

I’ve broken these goals down while following the tracker and defined the ones that resonated the most with me. Hopefully they will inspire you as well!  Here we go:

Get Deeper, More Restorative Sleep

  • Get outside for 10 minutes before 10am!
  • Apply magnesium lotion before bed. I have already started this and have noticed GREAT results so far! Click here to see the lotion I recommend.
  • No screens 2 hours before bedtime!!

Find Time to Get Moving

  • Practice Tree Pose every morning while brushing teeth. I WILL master my balance this month!
  • Daily yoga routines from 10-30 minutes
  • Make sure to move throughout the day as much as possible. Part of my job can be spending hours at the computer.  Remember to do what you can to get up and move throughout your day. Set a timer for a 5 minute break every hour if you will be sitting for long periods.

Increase Your Energy Levels

  • Eat protein for breakfast – eggs, shakes, whatever you enjoy to boost your protein for lasting energy.
  • Take time for ME!  This can be as simple as spending 5 minutes doing a meditation or read a self-help book before bed (see my choice below!)
  • Exercise: daily yoga and walking 3 times a week
  • Celebrate one thing per day that helped you reach or get closer to your goals. Being positive and celebrating success will keep you motivated!

Fuel Your Fitness Goals

  • Start your day with a glass of water.  I always add lemon for a detoxifying boost.
  • Honor your body when you feel hungry (with healthy snacks) and stop when you feel comfortably satisfied
  • Get your daily dose of Vitamin D!  Enjoy the sun when you can!
  • Add power produces to your diet each day: I’ve chosen to increase my intake of the fruits and veggies I love – grapes and leafy greens such as spinach and kale.

Improve Your Digestive Health

  • Incorporate fermented foods: my choice is Kumbacha. Experiment with different brands until you find the one you love.
  • Enjoy a salad a day – yummy!

Learn Something New Every Day

  • Listen to a new podcast or educational video once a week
  • Expand on something you know. I always love to learn more so I am choosing to expand my profession and learn more about massage with videos and podcasts. Choose a topic that resonates with you.
  • Try a new skill, craft or talent: take a class.  I am a tried and true yoga at home girl, but this month, I plan to step out of my comfort zone and take a yoga class at my local studio!

Nurture A Healthy Mindset

  • Meditate for at least 5 minutes a day. A great place to start is with Insight Timer. It is a free app with TONS for timed and guided meditation to choose from.
  • Read part of a personal development book or listen to a podcast daily. This month I am working on Gabrielle Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back.

Morning Practices for a Balanced and Productive Day

  • Wake gently: do NOT check your phone before you get out of bed. This one will be a challenge but I am committed to making it happen and easing into my day, stress-free.
  • Get quiet and grateful so you can approach your day with positivity and balance. Use a journal to jot down your gratitude list daily.
  • Prioritize your day. I usually look ahead on Sundays to my upcoming week and list what must be done, what can be done and how to do it each day
  • Move: get the blood flowing in your body first thing. Always stretch before and right after you get out of bed. When you have time for a morning yoga routine before you do anything else, DO IT!
  • Nourish yourself with healthy foods – increase your intake of healthy, stress-busting foods

Prepare The Garden for Your Family

  • Select 1-2 fruits and vegetables for the garden
  • Research the plants to determine if the choices will be possible
  • Learn and research the climate and growing conditions in your area
  • Plan the planting for 2020 and enjoy tending!

Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle for Your Kids

  • Think of something each child can do in the kitchen for dinner each night. Our family has been working on this for quite a while, but I intend to get them more involved this month.
  • Talk about food!  Do you like it? Do hate it?  Tell us what you think!
  • At dinner, discuss the 3 “L”s: what did you learn today? What made you laugh today?  How did you show love for someone today?

Incorporate Monthly Restorative Habits

  • Moon meditations: new moon: fresh intentions for the month; full moon: write down what you want to attract and what you want to let go of. Find them on Insight Timer.
  • Celebrate your wins!
  • Disconnect to Connect: take digital vacations. Designate a day of the week to be screen free!
  • Create authentic goals and CRUSH THEM!!

Are you motivated?? Let’s start together!  Get the Five To Flourish Habit Tracker for free today!

Let’s DO THIS!!

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