Aloe and More Ways to Treat Sunburn

Summertime is here! And so is sunburn…….read on for some tips to ease the pain and irritation when you’ve spent too much time under the rays.  

Sunburns might seem like a common occurrence, but they shouldn’t be. It is a sign that you did not protect your skin and you spent too long in the sun. Everyone needs to protect their skin, regardless of whether you get tan or not. Even people with darker skin can get burns, which comes with many risks to your health.

Here is more information about using aloe and other natural remedies to better treat your sunburn.

Why Aloe is Everyone’s First Choice

If you ask anyone who has experience with sunburns, they will tell you one thing: use aloe. There are different forms of aloe, including the gel and using the actual aloe leaves, but aloe will always be the top recommendation for treating a burn. Aloe is amazing for reducing inflammation, providing a lot of hydration to the burn, and helping to reduce blistering and long-term effects.  

Another helpful tip? Refrigerate your aloe gel! It won’t change the consistency, and the cool temperature is a wonderful relief for that burn.

More Natural Sunburn Remedies

Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy a fun day out in the sun once and awhile. This can be a fun way to reconnect with nature and spend time with friends, but any kind of prolonged exposure to sunlight can put you at risk of getting a sunburn. If sunburn occurs, you will require a form of treatment to lessen the symptoms and manage the pain, but if you don’t want to use store bought products what are your options?

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated: When you get more hydrated, it will help you to fight off the damage that you get from a sunburn. Directly following your exposure to the sun, go drink some water. A more hydrated body will distribute fluids to the areas that need hydration, and your body can more easily begin the process of healing that is going to follow. It also helps if you go ahead and run some of the cool water over your burned area. This will stop the heat from continuing to cook the layers of skin where the heat is trapped.  

Try an Oatmeal Bath: With this remedy, all you have to do is put some uncooked oatmeal in the bath. If you don’t want the oatmeal freely floating around in the water then you can place the oatmeal into a sock to make it like a large teabag, but you don’t want the water to be too warm or too cold. It should be water that is about temperature of a bath that has gone cold. One the oatmeal has soaked for about 30 minutes, get into the water.

Do You Need to See a Doctor?

For most people, a sunburn is a minor inconvenience that they will treat with remedies found in the home that are kept in a medicine cabinet, or the refrigerator. A good amount of the time, it’s a simple case of resting indoors and rubbing on some aloe, but how do you know when you should seek actual medical attention? Skin burns can be a serious issue, because the sensitive tissues can become inflamed and infected when they are damaged in this way.

How Bad is Your Sunburn?  Sunburns are super common, so there are a lot of ways that you can treat these burns. The most notable way that you can treat burns is with aloe vera which helps the healing process. You don’t want to apply ice to a burn, which can irritate a fresh burn and make the healing process a more painful and annoying experience. Instead simply run cool water over the burn to reduce the temperature and stop the damage from progressing any further. You can also take aspirin or any other acetaminophen product to reduce pain.

What to Be Careful of

The normal redness that forms in the sunburned area can be expected, but when any more than that can be an indication that you have received a severe burn that has penetrated into the deeper levels of your skin. One major sign of this is when you develop blisters in the burnt area. As soon as you see this symptom. It is time to get out of the sun and get to treating the area. It would also be a good idea to begin hydration to counteract the skin damage. It may take a full day to see how much damage has been done, so it will warrant close monitoring.

If you’d like to prevent that sunburn all together, try all-natural sunscreens. I recommend BeautyCounter’s Countersun Mineral Sunscreen and After Sun Cooling Gel. 

Enjoy the summer!

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