5 Important Health Benefits of Essential Oils

Ah, I LOVE my essential oils!! I carry them everywhere and there are a few I just cannot live without.  My family’s health has benefited greatly from the use of essential oils, so I am going to share just a few of the benefits with you in this post.

As you probably know, essential oils are made by extracting the oils from plants, flowers, herbs, and leaves. These oils provide a lot of amazing healing benefits, ranging from improving your heart health, to helping your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety.

So here are 5 health benefits you can get just by using certain essential oils.


  1. Treat Your Allergies

If you suffer from allergies, you might be looking for a natural remedy. Essential oils are actually an exceptional way to help get rid of your allergy symptoms and start to experience relief. Here are some things to know about using essential oils for your allergies.

The Best Oils for Allergies are:


Another good essential oil to try is eucalyptus, which is great for allergies and respiratory issues. Like peppermint, eucalyptus oil is also good with helping you to breathe a little better. Make sure if you are going to use eucalyptus oil for your allergies directly on your skin, you also use a carrier oil. Otherwise, it can be too strong and irritate your skin. Eucalyptus is one of my must-haves; I use it daily in the shower to help me breathe easier every morning!


A good essential oil to start with when you want to ease your allergy symptoms is peppermint. With peppermint, it works really great when you are already experiencing your allergy symptoms. It can help with digestive problems and the aroma is really good and helping you to breathe easier, which is often a concern among allergy sufferers.  Peppermint is also great for headaches and hot flashes – one of my oils that is always in my handbag!


  1. Get Better Sleep

There are few things in life more frustrating than having trouble sleeping. Sleeping is important for both your mental and physical health, and insomnia tends to get worse over time. Instead of relying on harsh medications, try some of these essential oils.


It should come as no surprise that lavender essential oil is helpful for insomnia. When you have trouble sleeping, it is often due to not being able to relax. This might be from certain body pains, a lot of stress and anxiety, or even depression. With lavender essential oil, it is really calming and can relax your mind and your body.  Another keeper whenever I travel and it is always next to my bed.




Chamomile tea is frequently recommended for insomnia, but not because of some magic elixir, but because of the chamomile herb. This is really effective at calming both your body and mind, relieving stress, and reducing tension. This is why the tea is so wonderful for insomnia.


  1. Improving Mental Focus

If you have been struggling with a lack of proper mental focus and concentration, you might be looking for ways to improve it. Natural remedies are highly recommended and can be very beneficial, such as using certain types of essential oils. Take a look at these different oils that are perfect for improving mental focus and clarity.


Rosemary is listed as a good essential oil for many mental and emotional conditions, from high amounts of stress, to anxiety and depression. So it should come as no surprise that it is also recommended for proper mental focus. If you have issues with your memory, concentration, or focusing for long periods of time, rosemary essential oil added to your oil diffuser is a great place to start. The scent makes you concentrate better and can help get rid of your emotional stress that might be taking away from your focus.


You might not hear about Cypress essential oil much, but you should try using it for your mental focus. This oil isn’t often used for physical conditions, but it can be very effective when you are experiencing problems with your concentration or focus. If you are trying to get through college, it can help you focus when studying for exams.


  1. Essential Oils for Anxiety

People who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks are often looking for ways to find relief from the attacks without turning to medications. In addition to watching your diet and getting regular exercise, it is also a good idea to give essential oils a try. Here are some of the best oils for anxiety.


Lavender is recommended for any ailment that has to do with relaxing your body since it has such a calming effect. You can relax, get better sleep, get rid of nervousness, and even reduce your overall amount of panic attacks by using lavender. Lavender is really great in a bath when you are trying to calm down, or you can put it in an oil diffuser.  Lavender is a very versatile oil and is a must for your natural medicine cabinet.


Rose is an essential oil you can take for stress, anxiety, and depression. It is safe whether you have allergies, are pregnant or nursing, or even if you are extra sensitive to certain oils. As with all oils, just make sure your rose essential oils is properly diluted or mixed with a carrier oil. You can easily add some to a pot of boiling water an inhale it to relax or add it to a foot bath to start relaxing your body.


  1. Essential Oils for Insect and Bug Bites

When you get a bug bite, it can cause stinging and burning, itching, and redness around the area where you were bit. If you use essential oils on the bite, it can help relieve many of these symptoms and speed up the healing process. Try out some of these oils for your insect or bug bites.

 Tea Tree

One of the best essential oils for your skin is tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca. Many people use this oil for extra moisture and to help get rid of scars. It also happens to work very well when you have a bug or insect bite. Tea tree oil is good for boosting your immune system, which can help reduce the overall effect of being bitten by certain types of bugs.

Basil and Thyme

Herbal essential oils like basil and thyme are both great for insect and bug bites. Basil essential oil is an anti-inflammatory oil, so it can help reduce the irritation and swelling around your bug bites. This further helps to help soothe the bite. You might also want to try using thyme essential oil, which reduces infection of your bug bite if the skin opens.


Essential oils are an amazing way to naturally improve your health and well-being. I highly recommend finding an oil that is purely distilled from the actual plants.  Learn more about the oils that I recommend here.

As always, please contact me with any questions!



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